SIDETRACKED: Why Our Decisions Get Derailed, and How We Can Stick to the Plan

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You may not realize it but simple, irrelevant factors can have profound consequences on your decisions and behavior, often diverting you from your original plans and desires. Sidetracked will help you identify and avoid these influences so the decisions you make do stick — and you finally reach your intended goals.

In this book, I explore inconsistent decisions played out in a wide range of circumstances — from our roles as consumers and employees (what we buy, how we manage others) to the choices that we make more broadly as human beings (who we date, how we deal with friendships).

From my research, we see when a mismatch is most likely to occur between what we want and what we end up doing. What factors are likely to sway our decisions in directions we did not initially consider? And what can we do to correct for the subtle influences that derail our decisions? The answers to these and similar questions will help you negotiate similar factors when faced with them in the real world.

Since its publication in 2013, the book has been translated into more than a dozen languages including Italian, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese, and is also available as an audiobook.